MEMS in motion

MEMS Mirror

Electrostatic driven 2D MEMS mirror with raster scan or bi-resonant scan

MEMS in motion

MEMS Position Sensing

Capacitive sensing of mirror motion with resonant operation locked by PLL

MEMS in motion

Scan Display Controller

MEMS motion control, laser color management and scan display control algorithm

MEMS in motion

Optics Design

Laser optics design, scan display optical simulation and virtual display optics design

Our MEMS mirror device is packaged in the most compact format in the market. The mirror is monolithically integrated elestrostatic micro-actuator in single crystal silicon structure. No external components are needed unlike electromagnetic MEMS mirror which needs bulky magnets in mirror assembly. We have established MEMS manufacturing supply chain with world class partners for large volume production.

For raster scan type MEMS mirror, motion of the gimbal frame may be controlled to desired trajectory at video frame rate while the mirror is operated in resonance at tens of kilohertz. The gimbal frame may also be controlled to point to specific angle in step motion for applications such as MEMS LiDAR.

MEMS in motion

Solutions for Applications

We are dedicated to provide MEMS laser scan projection platform solutions with our cross-discipline expertise for customer's innovative applications.

Some customer applications include wide field of view compact depth sensing 3D camera for mobile and VR/AR devices, focus free pico-projector, curved projection display and interactive display, etc.

MEMS in motion

Our compact MEMS scanning mirror offers advantages for space and weight demanding applications such as AR/MR head mount display. A lightweight and compact near eye display solution can be achieved with fiber coupled RGB laser.

We provide virtual image optical design solution for automotive head-up display. Customers' applications also include MEMS LiDAR for automotive and non-automotive applications.