MEMS Laser Scan Projection Solution

We provide complete MEMS laser scan projection solution including MEMS projection chipset and reference designs of pico-projector module. The MEMS projection chipset includes:

2D MEMS mirror
  • Raster scan 2D MEMS mirror
  • MEMS position sensor IC
  • Scan display controller IC

Pico Projector engineThe pico-projector solution offers wide color gamut, high contrast and focus free operation. The pico-projector engine can be as small as 2cc volume and 5mm thick. High brightness solution of 40 lumen is available with multiple RGB lasers and larger engine dimension.

Pico projector engine

2D MEMS Scanning Mirrors

Our 2D MEMS mirror comes in two operation principles, bi-resonant scan and raster scan. Standard mirror coating is Al for visible wavelength applications and Au as optional coating for NIR and IR applications. Raster scan type is designed for high resolution imaging applications.

Raster scan

  • Resonant operation for fast axis
  • Fast axis driven by PWM voltage signal
  • Slow axis motion controllable with voltage waveform
  • Slow axis capable of point and fix angle control
  • Support HD720P progressive image display

Bi-resonant scan

  • Both axes are driven by PWM voltage signals
  • Sinusoidal motion in both axes
  • Angle controlled by PWM voltage, duty and frequency
  • 2D MEMS mirror evaluation kit available
Product Name OP-6111 OP-7200
Product photo 2D MEMS bi-resonant 2D MEMS 720P
Type of motion Bi-resonant Raster scan
Support resolution Lissajous scan 720P
Mirror size 1 mm circular 1 mm circular
Mirror coating Al Al
Frequency: fast axis 22,000Hz 26,000Hz
Frequency: slow axis 1,400Hz controllable
Optical scan angle: fast axis +/-20o +/-22o
Optical scan angle: slow axis +/-15o +/-12o
Package footprint 6mm x 8mm 4.8mm x 8mm
Status Available Contact for status

1D MEMS Scanning Mirrors

Our 1D MEMS mirror device is designed for resonant operation to achieve large optical scan angle. They are suitable for IR and NIR laser scan applications such as 3D depth sensing, gesture sensing, LiDAR, bio-medical sensing, laser printing, etc.

  • Millimeter size mirror designed for resonant operation
  • Au coated mirror optimized for NIR and IR applications
  • Control by PWM voltage signal
  • Sinusoidal motion with low scan jitter
  • Angle controlled by PWM voltage, duty and frequency
  • 1D MEMS mirror evaluation kit available
Product Name BA0050 DC0200RG
Product photo 1D MEMS 500Hz 1D MEMS 1.4x1.4mm 1D MEMS 1.4x1.4mm
Mirror size 2.5mm x 3.0mm 1.4mm x 1.4mm 1.4mm circular
Mirror coating Au Au Au
Resonant frequency 500Hz 1,800Hz
Max optical scan angle +/-26o +/-45o +/-45o
Package PLCC PLCC or Bare die PLCC or Bare die
Status Available Available Available

Resonant MEMS Evaluation Kit

The resonant MEMS evaluation kit (EVK) is designed to allow quick installation and implementation of MEMS scanning mirror for your applications. The EVK includes:

  • Resonant MEMS scanning mirror on PCB
  • MEMS control board
  • MEMS PCB connection cable
  • Software CD
  • USB to RS232 cable
  • 5V power USB cable

The software provides a GUI to control the output signal of the control board to drive the MEMS scanning mirror.

  • Manual control of drive signal frequency
  • Manual control of drive signal duty ratio
  • Automatic sweep down of drive signal frequency