Opus MEMS LiDAR Technologies

Control & Signal Processing

MEMS Image

  • 0.025o MEMS angular control
  • High resolution raster scan control
  • Proprietary time-to-digital processing

MEMS 3D Scan

MEMS Image
  • 0.1o x 0.1o angular resolution
  • Simplified laser projection architecture
  • Compatible with 905nm/1550nm lasers

Depth Perception Algorithm

MEMS Image

  • +/5 cm depth accuracy
  • Moving object tracking
  • Stationary and moving object detection

MEMS 3D LiDAR Artemis I-80 Specification
# of scan lines 40/80
Sensing range 0.2~50 meter
Sensing FOV V: 20o, H: 60o
Resolution 0.2o x 0.4o
Frame rate 20
MEMS 3D LiDAR Artemis A-150 Specification
# of scan lines 150
Sensing range 0.2~200 meter
Sensing FOV V: 20o, H: 120o
Resolution 0.1o x 0.13o
Frame rate 20