MEMS Vision Solutions

MEMS Scanning Mirror

Proprietary electrostatic design

Resonant & raster scan

1D & 2D architecture

Solid-State MEMS LiDAR

MEMS for 50~150 horizontal scan lines
50m range for industrial and ADAS
200m range for autonomus driving

3D Depth Camera

MEMS dynamic structured light modelling

Multi-view/360o point cloud stitching

Up to one million 3D points

Outdoor operatable

MEMS AR Head-Up Display

Proprietary MEMS laser scan projection technology
Large FOV virtual image covering 3 lanes
Virtual image for 8 meter~infinite distance

3D Depth Sensing

Opus Microsystems is devoted to provide high resolution and high accuracy 3D depth sensing solutions based on its proprietary MEMS laser projection technology. The solutions are available to cover distances ranging from a few centimeters with coded structured light 3D depth camera to hundreds of meter with MEMS LiDAR.

3D Depth Camera

  • MEMS structured light projector
  • Coded structured light patterns
  • MEMS scanner for 2kHz fps
  • 940nm laser for indoor/outdoor
  • Multi-view point cloud stitching

Face Point Cloud

Face Point Cloud

Solid-State MEMS LiDAR

  • Raster scan MEMS mirror
  • 905nm and 1550nm compatible
  • Controller IC with TDC
  • Proprietary optical design
  • Multi-set point cloud fusion

MEMS Laser AR Head-Up Display

With the fast development and adoption of ADAS in modern automobiles, AR Head-Up Display becomes an important feature for smart digital cockpit to improve safety and driving experience. Opus Microsystems provides complete AR Head-Up Display solution based on proprietary MEMS laser projection technology.

Opus Microsystems' AR HUD solution:
  • MEMS pico-projector module with 1280*720 resolution
  • PGU with high gain & speckle free diffuser
  • >8 meter virtual image distance optics
AR HUD features


Ultra Compact MEMS Scanning Mirror

Opus Microsystems' 1D and 2D MEMS scanning mirror are designed with electrostatic micro-actuator monolithically integrated with the mirror based on proprietary IPs. The MEMS mirrors offer excellent performance at ultra low power consumption in the most compact package in the market. The MEMS mirrors are fabricated by our world class strategic MEMS manufacturing partners for large volume production.

Features of Opus Microsystems' MEMS scanning mirrors

  • Proprietary electrostatic design
  • Monolithic micro-actuator
  • Low power consumption
  • SMT reflow process compatible

1D MEMS scanning mirror

Our 1D MEMS mirrors are designed for resonant operation with optical scanning angle as large as 86 deg. Millimeter size mirrors with resonant frequencies in the range from 500Hz to several kilohertz are available.

The 1D MEMS mirror is coated with gold for high reflectivity in NIR and IR applications such as structured light projection for 3D camera, bio-medical sensing, laser printing, LiDAR and etc.

3mm large reflective mirror

1D MEMS 2.5x3mm

90 degree large FOV mirror

1D MEMS 1.4mm

2D MEMS scanning mirror

We developed both resonant scan and raster scan 2D MEMS scanning mirrors with gimbaled architecture to allow the mirror to oscillate about two orthogonal axes. The raster scan 2D MEMS mirror is designed with resonant motion in the fast axis and controllable motion in the slow axis to realize HD720P or higher resolution projection display. The bi-resonant 2D MEMS mirror can be driven by PWM signals for resonant oscillation in both axes for a lissajous scanned pattern.

Bi-resonant scan mirror

2D bi-resonant MEMS

Raster scan mirror

2D raster scan MEMS